MW is Short St. Jude Medical (STJ:US)

Muddy Waters Capital is short St. Jude Medical, Inc. (STJ US). STJ近一半的收入极有可能在大约两年内消失. 在bg视讯真人看来,STJ的起搏器、icd和crt可能——也应该——被召回和修复. (These devices collectively were 46% of STJ’s 2015 revenue.) Based on conversations with industry experts, we estimate remediation would take at least two years. Even lacking a recall, bg视讯真人在这份报告中提出的产品安全问题提供了不必要的健康风险,应该得到医院的严重重视, physicians and cardiac patients.

We have seen demonstrations of two types of cyber attacks against STJ implantable cardiac devices (“Cardiac Devices”): a “crash” attack that causes Cardiac Devices to malfunction – including by apparently pacing at a potentially dangerous rate; and, 对依赖设备的用户特别有害的电池耗尽攻击. Despite having no background in cybersecurity, 浑水能够复制公司内部的关键漏洞,帮助实现这些攻击.

bg视讯真人发现STJ心脏设备的漏洞比过去公开讨论的医疗设备黑客更令人担忧. These attacks take less skill, 能随机指向半径50英尺内的STJ心脏装置吗, theoretically can be executed on a very large scale, and most gallingly, 都是因为STJ公司分发了成千上万不合格的家庭监控设备. The STJ ecosystem, which consists of Cardiac Devices, STJ’s network, physician office programmers, and home monitoring devices, has significant vulnerabilities. 这些漏洞极有可能被用于许多其他类型的攻击.

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